Custom Orders

Design your own color motif and we’ll make it for you. Have fun!

Here’s how it works:
  1. Refer to our Stone and Bead Chart for color selection.
  2. To get an idea of how your color design may look, please see our already formulated motifs on our motif page.
  3. On All Product without beads you may pick up to 3 color stones. (Wine glasses require one bead color for each glass)
  4. On Large Utensils you can pick up to 2 color stones and up to 3 color beads.
  5. On Small Utensils you can pick 1 stone and up to 3 beads.
How to place an order


Email your Order to, and include all the following information below; and you will be contacted to confirm your Custom Order, and to obtain your credit card information.

Contact Information to include: Name
Billing Address
Cell Phone Number
Shipping address

Step 1: you pick out an item, “click” on the picture and you need get the Product name and the SKU # of the product you would like to order.
Example: (Bottle opener/ SKU: BRW1)

Step 2: you pick out Stone Colors and it’s Color codes for each stone,
Example: (Blue / CLR06)

Step 3: you pick out Bead Colors and it’s Color codes for each bead, Example: (Light Lime / B04)

* Special Note *
Please Reference the Here’s how it works paragragh Above, to pick out the Correct amount Stones and Beads according to the Item you are ordering!

* At artist’s discretion we will arrange and choose locations of all color stones and bead when making all products with customer formula.

* A formula will be created based on what stone and bead colors you have picked out for your design so you can reorder in the future.

* Sassy Serving Designs is not held responsible for color stone and bead formulas picked out by customers.

  • $300.00 minimum on first order purchase. Subsequent orders $100.00 minimum purchase.
  • 20% one time surcharge on all new formulas. (data base to be built and stored with customer formula)
  • Any changes to formula are subject to 20% surcharge.

Please allow 24 – 48 hours for order processing. You will receive a notification when your order has shipped.

A custom order is typically received 7 – 10 days after processing.

If the item you order is not in stock we will notify you with an estimated shipment date (usually within 10 – 14 days). All orders are fulfilled.

Many of our items are fragile and require special packing and handling. Therefore, we pack your items with bubble wrap and shipping peanuts.


Each item is hand-crafted and a unique piece of functional art. You can expect variations in design from piece to piece. Please note that slight differences in stones and beads are to be expected due to the manufacturing process that are beyond our control. Care will be taken to match stone colors and finishes and diameters as closely as possible.To minimize this, please always order your setting complete, so that when dye lots change, you wont notice it so much, when it is in another room.

Color variations of stones and beads may not be accurate in all photographs, and computer monitors are different from one to another.

Stones and beads are subject to change with artist discretion without any prior notice.

Thank You and have some "Sassy" Fun!