The Product Line

  • What separates us from everyone else is my compassion to give you something that no one else has to offer! And that is quality and diversity!
  • I created a formula for my Motif’s that you can build and expand on throughout over 100 products in 13 categories we offer in our on line catalog… That’s cool! “No One offers this”!
  • Available in 8 Color Motifs: Earth, Ocean, Vineyard, Olive, Southwest, Tuscany, Classic and Fiesta
  • Serving pieces are made from highest Quality Stainless, 18/8 to Inox with an Endurance finish, and Tempered Glassware
  • The individual products are created and hand designed with 100% glass stones and 100% glass beads (not to cloud up) along with lead free (tarnish-resistant) wire, and UV rated glue (which is resistant to yellowing)
  • We use only the best products that go into making our Sassy wares; that will last you for many years with proper care.
  • A refreshing style bright in elegance along with quality and charm
  • Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my style with you and to see the bridging of this very cool new line, and along with your “Sassy style” it will “bring you a smile to your Sassy table”